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Overcoming Working Mom Burnout Podcast

Right around the time that her babies arrived, Cat was blogging and freelance writing. She would soon make the leap to full time entrepreneurship. Though she says she wanted to show other moms what was possible, she quickly felt like she was drowning. So she enlisted a very part-time mother’s helper and eventually was able to hire a part-time nanny. As a millennial mom herself, Cat knows exactly how challenging motherhood can be. Not only that, but millennials are facing unique financial situations.

From crushing student loan debt and graduating amid the Great Recession to soaring housing prices and stagnating wages, it’s not easy managing your money as a millennial. Host Cherylanne Skolnicki describes herself as a former corporate-ladder-climber, carving out a new path as a writer, speaker, and coach. Her podcast offers actionable tips and inspiration on creating work-life balance that works for you, while achieving your greatest potential.

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Today, we’re going to delve into the world of phone photography and the challenges that come with managing the thousands of photos we take every day. We all have a camera in working from home podcast our back pocket, but what do we do with the photos we take? My guest for this episode is Stacy Canzonieri, a professional photographer and founder of The Memory Keepers Club.

  • Being expected to be in your chair, 8 hours a day, at predetermined times set by (let’s be honest here!) some dude who has never sat up all night with a sick preschooler or teething baby…
  • Trying to bend and stretch your schedule to make all your opportunities work?
  • There’s a lot of pressure on moms—in pop culture, the media, and even from friends and family—to be perfect.

Dr. Marks also specializes in sleeping problems and often appears on major prime-time television to discuss important sleep-related issues. In her book, Iben presents six essential principles that spell out P-A-R-E-N-T, providing a practical and upbeat approach to raising happy, confident, and successful kids. Join us as we uncover the secrets of Danish parenting and learn how to incorporate the Danish way of parenting into our own lives. As a compassionate guide, Tracey takes it upon herself to lead her clients towards a brighter, more intentional life.

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Being a single mom is routinely challenging and sometimes overwhelming. In her real-talk podcast about the single mom life, host Khalifa Araba is dedicated to listening to all kinds of single moms and sharing their stories with all the single moms out there. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth podcast full of practical advice and hearty encouragement from real-life moms, this is the podcast for you.

She also emphasizes the satisfaction of achieving professional goals and admits that she really does enjoy making her own money. Shared finances or not, Cat says many women value feeling like they are contributing financially and being a working mom allows them to do that. Of course, Cat points out that being a working mom in the financial education space allows her to help people beyond her family, too. This isn’t a working mom podcast, but covers all topics motherhood-related.

The Mom Project

I’ve included it on my list because it’s incredibly relatable, encouraging, and honest. Hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers often have different approaches to an issue, which I appreciate. Even better is how they address those differences – always respectfully, and without judgment.

working from home mom podcast

Please listen to this episode and share with friends, family and loved ones. One of the biggest barriers Ashley sees in working moms is their lack of confidence to return to work or pivot careers so we talk a lot about confidence in this episode too. I’ve created a free working mom identity workbook and an accompanying podcast episode to help you take the first steps to understand your identity. Answering the fundamental questions of identity will help you explore, understand, and redefine your working mom identity. Use your voice and power on social media and join the campaign to fight for paid family leave.

Don’t forget to listen to Fairygodboss’s podcast, in which we present interviews and advice from top female professionals and executives. Of course we’re already fans of Working Mother online and in print. Now you can listen, too, thanks to Working Mother Radio. This weekly show is hosted by a working mother of two, Bettina Bush, who brings the pages of Working Mother to life in the studio and on the road. Today’s episode focuses on the transformative potential of small daily habits that can revolutionize your health. Despite knowing the impact of these habits, many of us still find ourselves trapped in a season of burnout.

8 Data Security Best Practices for SaaS Applications

These policies are mentioned in the service agreement and should include what would happen after the customer’s data retention timeline ends. When applicable, client data should https://investmentsanalysis.info/linux-engineer-job-descriptions-salary-and/ be programmatically deleted from the server and respective logs should be generated. SaaS applications typically require users to log in and authenticate their identity.

Many providers have the option to encrypt the data by default, while some clients need to explicitly specify this. Clients can also have the option to encrypt specific fields such as financial details by using Multi-domain SSL certificates. To navigate the various SaaS offerings available, it is essential that the security team understands which services are being used and the supported options for each service.

SaaS Scalability

This fundamental security training should cover everything from data privacy measures to cybersecurity attacks. SaaS app security can be managed either internally within your company, or by an external provider. Follow this SaaS application security checklist to keep your data protected and your business operational. Configurability
SaaS providers must develop a robust platform that provides rich configurability and flexibility for customers, to reduce the need for customization in the future.

How do I secure my SaaS application?

  1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Protect user accounts and verify user identity.
  2. Perform Regular Security Audits and Penetration Testing.
  3. Encrypt Data.
  4. Use Antivirus and Malware Protection.
  5. Tests Backups Regularly.
  6. Update Regularly.
  7. Use Cloud Security Solutions.

Don’t forget that data in storage needs just as much protection as your data in transit. Field-level encryption lets you ensure your data is both securely transmitted and stored. You can draw on the strengths of a silo model for some of your stacks and rely on policy-based isolation Getting Started as a Project Manager Learning Path LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com for others. It all boils down to taking a closer look at what your customers want and delivering the best value. Provide them with the education they need to prevent account takeover fraud (ATOs) or situations where hackers could steal their identity and control their account.


There’s a good chance your service uses a multi-tenant server solution, where a single software instance and its infrastructure can be set to serve multiple customers. Multi-tenancy is simple and affordable, which makes it popular with cloud users. Every SaaS application has a wide variety of unique configuration settings and user permissions that can be optimized to minimize the risk and potential impact of an attack. However, the application owners who implement and manage these services often leave these settings untouched and dole out privileged roles generously so as to not impede business operations. This lack of prioritization of SaaS security leaves these business-critical services far more vulnerable to a potentially catastrophic breach.

Once agreeing to a price model, the provider becomes responsible for storing and managing data. In such cases, clients often worry about who has access to it, scenarios of data corruption, and access by third parties and competitors, to name a few. When sensitive data is stored, answers to these queries become much more crucial.

Tracking SaaS Provider Compliance and Security Policies

Shared Responsibilities
Some SaaS customers lack a fundamental understanding of the shared responsibility model between the customer and provider. Not all SAAS providers publish a shared responsibility matrix, complementary user entity controls (CUEC) or other useful artifacts. While some SaaS providers share CUEC information or shared responsibility information with their customers, many do not, leaving customers to discern on their own where key responsibilities lie. If the responsibility model communicated by the vendor is not clear enough, it is essential for customer organizations to contact the vendor and explicitly agree on this matter before concluding the contract.

A unified inventory makes it easier to improve settings, stay on top of configuration drift, rein in unnecessary privileges, and proactively improve your organization’s SaaS security posture. Many cloud platforms SaaS companies rely on will provide this functionality as a part of their product, but you need to be diligent with backups to avoid potentially disastrous losses of customer data. Every day, SaaS companies access, manipulate, and analyze scads of customer data. If you fail to keep that data safe as a SaaS founder, it will have a direct and lasting impact on your user experience.

The Anatomy of SaaS Security

Most businesses, however, use a wide range of programs, including common platforms like G-Suite and OneDrive, as well as specialized enterprise software. As the leading SaaS Security solution, Harmony protects all of these off the shelf solutions, as well as industry-specific tools. SaaS Security refers to securing user privacy and corporate data in subscription-based cloud applications. SaaS applications carry a large amount of sensitive data and can be accessed from almost any device by a mass of users, thus posing a risk to privacy and sensitive information. With the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, an increasing number of customers are looking for security advice and requesting a SaaS application security technical review. As organizations embrace this technology, many are concerned about the security of both large and smaller SaaS applications, and they are looking for a SaaS application security review that identifies any risks.

  • Disaster Recovery
    The resilience of individual SaaS providers is largely unpredictable.
  • By connecting to all layers of the SaaS application stack, Axonius SaaS Management provides a comprehensive view of the SaaS applications used by everyone across the organization.
  • “While these trends were happening before, COVID-19 took two years of digital transformation and packed it into two months.”
  • This blog covers some common SaaS security challenges and proposed solutions to protect mission-critical business applications in the cloud.
  • It inserts a security checkpoint in the SaaS buying process, allowing you to assess your company’s security needs and identify whether the supplier can fulfill expectations properly.
  • Listed below are seven perceived security risks to discuss with a SaaS vendor during the evaluation stage.

Learn more about SSPM and find out how better posture management can help protect your SaaS applications. Unauthorized Access
When using SaaS, organizations face an increased risk of user account takeover. Geographic restrictions are not common in SaaS services, enabling brute force and other credential-based attacks to originate from anywhere. There are also opportunities for attackers to access user credentials obtained through the dark web and use those credentials to commit account takeovers.